Productivity Mastermind

The twelve-week “Power Circle” Productivity Mastermind is a structured weekly support system consisting of two parts:

  • a self-directed learning module providing you with an important tool or skill to enhance your productivity; and
  • a weekly live meeting (via web-conference) with your Coach and your Power Circle colleagues where you report your progress, discuss how to implement the lesson of the week to your project, clear any obstacles that may be holding you back from full productivity and commit to your next weekly step.

In between the team meetings, you will want to connect one-on-one with the other members of your Power Circle to get to know them better, and so they know you better. Your Coach is also available at any time to provide focused support.

Self-Directed Learning Modules

Each week has a specific theme, accompanied by an online learning module which provides you with information and exercises to help you apply the theme to your project and your business.

The sequence of themes may be adapted to the needs of the group. A typical twelve-week Productivity Mastermind will cover the following themes:

  1. Your CommitmentEstablish your emotional commitment towards the success of your project.
  2. Your Daily Actions: Identify the rituals and establish a rhythm to create momentum with your project.
  3. Your Resources: Find and manage the time, the energy and the resources to execute your project.
  4. Your EnvironmentAlign your physical, emotional and mental environments to maintain your energy and avoid burnout.
  5. Your Systems: Implement the core systems required to effectively manage your project.
  6. Your ToolsEquip yourself with the right tools to be more efficient and more effective.
  7. Your Prototype: Implement a prototyping strategy to discover the best way to achieve your targets.
  8. Your TribeAttract a community that resonates with your passion and powers you to success.
  9. Your Progress: Measure and maximize your progress.
  10. Your Support SystemDevelop and maintain a personal support system.
  11. Your DisciplineEstablish and enforce your standards, your boundaries and your rituals.
  12. Your SuccessRecognize your progress and adjust your goals for the next action cycle.

Live Weekly Meeting

Each live weekly meeting lasts about 90 minutes and is structured as follows:

1. Team Check-in (15 minutes): Each person has one to two minutes to report on their wins since the last meeting, as well as declare an intention for the meeting. We use a colour-coding system to signal how confident you feel at the present moment (green = all is well and you’re available to help others, yellow = slow progress and feeling “maxed out”, red = stuck, require immediate help)

2. Theme Discussion (30 minutes): A group discussion about the theme of the week, based on the self-directed learning module.

3. Hot Seat (30 minutes): Based on the questions, the intentions and the theme of the week, the coach, with the support of the team, selects one or two people to put on the “hot seat”. The coach then opens up a group discussion with the objective to identify and break through the issue that is holding back the person on the “hot seat”. The goal of the hot seat session is to ensure that all those who have a starting status of yellow or red move up one level. The coaching is done in a supportive and encouraging manner. All issues discussed during any part of the process are considered confidential.

4. Commitments (15 minutes): Each member shares their performance goal for the next seven days. A buddy is identified for support during the week. Commitments are also written down and shared between the team members for accountability purposes.

5. Networking and discussion: Once the formal part of the meeting is complete, often members stay to network and connect. This gives you an opportunity to discuss the hot seat question in more depth with the coach or team members. And as trust deepens within the Power Circle team, business relationships also form, resulting in better referrals or joint offers.

Support System

Constant communication between you, your team members and your coach is essential for the process to work. In addition to the formal sessions, you are encouraged to keep in constant e-mail, Facebook, Twitter or phone contact with your teammates, reporting on your progress or challenges. The high level of communication generates energy to encourage all members to keep their eye on their individual goals.

You also have direct access to your Coach when you need that extra hand (or kick!).

In addition to the live sessions you will also have access to a workspace with valuable information. All sessions take place via computer web-conferencing (Mac/PC/Linux), and are recorded for your reference.


Time investment: Your participation in this program requires that you invest approximately two hours per weekday towards a project which is a high priority for you and is directly related to the success of your business:

  • Sessions: 1.5 hrs / week;
  • Group/buddy contact: 10 mins/day;
  • Assignments: at least 1 hr/day or 5 hrs/wk (the time you are working on your project)
  • Total time investment 8 to 10 hours/week for the twelve-week duration of the project.

Keep in mind that all the time invested is directly related to a project that is of primary importance to you. You will learn how to find this time in your busy schedule, so that you are working ON your business as you are participating in the “Power Circle”.

Financial Investment:

Please note that once paid, all amounts are non-refundable. They may be transferred to another person prior to the start of the program with the approval of the Coach.

A monthly payment plan may be available. Please consult the Registration page.

My commitment to you

I promise that if you fully participate in the “Power Circle” Productivity Experience, you will be able to permanently increase your income by at least an amount equal to your investment, and this within twelve months of the start of your participation (although we’ll aim for sooner). The knowledge and skills you will develop will be with you forever!

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