Productivity Bootcamp

Don’t get trapped by the Productivity Blues! The key to making the leap from “dreaming” to “doing” is by defining a project that will move you forward in a bold and measurable way.

The Productivity Bootcamp is an intensive six-session process over a three-week period which will guide you to define your focus and establish your action plan.

Session #1 – A Project Is A Dream With A Delivery Date
Understand how to go from “dream” to “done” by defining what you want to accomplish and framing it as a project.

  • Success Is A Sequence Of Projects
  • The Action Cycle
  • The Four Dimensions Of Defining A “Projectable” Vision
  • The Five Characteristics Of A Successful Project
  • Your Project White Paper

Session #2 – From Milestones to Heartbeats
Stage your project so it gets done almost effortlessly.

  • Milestones, Phases, Tasks and Heartbeats: The Mark Twain Principle
  • Setting And Managing Priorities
  • To Do A “To-Do List” or Not To Do A “To-Do List”
  • Project Management Tools
  • Creating Your Project Plan

Session #3 – Calling Mission Control
Establish the control and measurement systems to track and guide your progress

  • Leadership Capital: The Value Of Execution
  • Systems: The Power To Get Things Done
  • Characteristics Of Successful Systems
  • The Four Components Of An Effective System
  • Essential Systems To Implement Immediately
  • Automation, Delegation And Coordination
  • Your Systems Plan

Session #4 – The Lizard and The Tortoise
Identify what could stop you from making progress, and establish ways to overcome the resistance.

  • The Inertia Of The Status-Quo
  • Lizard Brains, Monkey Minds and Black Swans
  • The Power Of Permission: Identifying And Overcoming The Resistance
  • Your Recovery Plan

Session #5 – Resourcing Your Project
Gather the resources you need to succeed.

  • The Two Essential Resources For Success (and Money is not one of them!)
  • The Money Question
  • Budgeting And Managing
  • Your Resourcing Plan

Session #6 – Delivering Your Project Plan
Present your plan to your colleagues and your coach, then make it happen!


By the end of the Productivity Bootcamp you will have a workable project action plan you can execute by yourself or implement with the help of the Productivity Mastermind.

To support you in creating your project action plan, you will have access to:

  • six ninety-minute webinar group training sessions,
  • a workbook to guide you through each step
  • recordings of all sessions and additional resources through an on-line resource center
  • individual support as required

You can participate in the Productivity Bootcamp as a “stand-alone” activity, or build on your momentum by joining the next Productivity Mastermind.


Time investment: Your participation in this program will require approximately an hour per weekday during the three week period of the course:

  • Course participation: 3 hours / week for three weeks
  • Homework completion: 2 to 3 hours / week for three weeks

Note that all the time you invest in this program will have a direct beneficial impact on your business.

Financial investment:

  • Retail value: US$499

At the end of the Productivity Bootcamp you will have an action plan you can implement by yourself or with the support of the “Power Circle” Productivity Mastermind. Should you decide that you want continue then your investment in the Productivity Bootcamp will be credited to your participation in the Productivity Mastermind.

Ready to make the leap from “dreaming” to “doing”? Then register now!