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SoloSuccess: Resolutions Point The Way: A Project Gets You There

Many people use the New Year to make resolutions. Resolutions are good, because they point the way to changes that you want to make. However, resolutions without action are meaningless. This is where the concept of a “Project” becomes important. A Project is a framework that brings together resources and actions toward achieving a specific goal.

SoloSuccess: Your Projects Define You. What’s Your Taj Mahal?

Some projects come and go, while others create results that stand for centuries. The projects you choose to which you devote your time and energies will determine the results you create this year. Will you empty your resources chasing after lots of little projects, or will you dedicate some of your energies for a Big Project which will take you to a whole new level of performance? This Solo-Success webinar will show you how to outline a Big Project that will define your success.

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