The “Power Circle” Productivity Experience will provide you with a supportive learning and action environment where you set your own goals, determine your own action plan and put it into motion with the guidance of a Professional Coach and of like-minded colleagues.


The “Power Circle” Productivity Experience is a two-part process:

1. The Productivity Bootcamp: an intensive six-session process designed to help you define an outcome and establish an Action Plan that will take your results to a new level of performance; and

2. The Productivity Mastermind: a structured process to execute your Action Plan. At each weekly meeting over a period of twelve to sixteen weeks (depending on the calendar), you report your progress to your Power Circle team and to your Coach, explore ways to overcome obstacles you may encounter, and then commit to your next weekly step. In between the team meetings, you will want to connect one-on-one with the other members of your Power Circle to get to know them better, and so they know you better. Your Coach is also available at any time to provide focused support.

The Productivity Bootcamp can be completed as a stand-alone process, or combined with the Productivity Mastermind for maximum results. Participation in the Productivity Bootcamp is a prerequisite for participating in the Productivity Mastermind.

The “Power Circle” Productivity Experience is a success system based on mutual support, accountability and encouragement. This offer is for the action-oriented entrepreneur who dares to power their results and their profits to a new level!

Your Power Circle Team

Together, you and your Power Circle of like-minded colleagues, under the guidance of your Coach, will guide you to blast through the limits of your comfort zone and accomplish a specific, measurable and tangible project that will help you move your business project forward.

The Power Circle is a group of five to seven solopreneurs or self-employed professionals sharing a passion for high-performance and tangible results. To join a Power Circle team, you must meet certain criteria:

  • have a specific, measurable and tangible goal that you are aiming to realize in the next twelve to sixteen weeks,
  • be willing to follow the Power Circle principles of truth, integrity and support, and
  • be willing to make your participation in the Power Circle a high priority in your schedule and your life!

By fully committing to this process with an open mind, you will discover talents and skills you did not know you had, and create the powerfully passion-driven results that you really want.

My commitment to you

I promise that if you fully participate in the “Power Circle” Productivity Experience, you will be able to permanently increase your income by at least an amount equal to your investment, and this within twelve months of the start of your participation (although we’ll aim for sooner). The knowledge and skills you will develop will be with you forever!