If you’ve been in business for any amount of time, you probably have lots of ideas to be more productive and make more money, but you rarely find the time to work on them because you’re so busy keeping up with your clients and the immediate demands of your business.

Maybe you want to…

  • develop or launch a new product or service?
  • plan a new marketing or growth strategy?
  • put in place better management and organization systems?
  • expand your client base or open new markets?
  • increase your effectiveness, your revenue and your profits?

How would your business results be different if you were able to take just one of those ideas and make it a reality?

If you want to be more successful, and more profitable, you need to find the time, energy and resources to work “ON” your business just as much as you work “IN” your business!

The “Power Circle” Productivity Experience is a results-focused learning and action system to help you find the time and develop the energy to move from “dreaming” about it to “doing” it. You will discover how to transform your idea into a project, and then how to execute your project to power your everyday results to a new level of effectiveness.

The “Power Circle” Productivity Experience will support you in making a quantum leap in your results through a two-step process:

  • a six-session (three-week) Productivity Bootcamp where you will select an idea that you want to implement and define a executable project plan based on this idea; followed by
  • a twelve-week Productivity Mastermind where you will execute your project plan while learning valuable skills in a supportive group coaching environment.

The skills and insights you will develop by working on your project will also help you be more productive in all aspects of your business and your life. You will be able to get more done…while having fun!

Success happens when you invest your energy and your time to create results that express your full potential. Beat the Productivity Blues and use this opportunity to execute on a project that will position you ahead of the pack!

For information, please contact Coach Davender Gupta
by e-mail coach@davender.com
or call 1-888-788-8844 toll-free (US/Canada)

Image Credit: Matt Gibson on Flickr. Used under Creative Commons licence. Direct link to image: http://www.flickr.com/photos/matt_gibson/3281131319/